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COVID Summer Food Fund

The Government has given further guidelines to help those who require free school meals during the Summer period.

Any child currently in receipt of benefits-related free school meals or who becomes eligible during the summer term is eligible for the Covid Summer Food Fund.

Schools should continue to accept and verify free school meal applications up until the end of the summer term.

The eligibility criteria for free school meals can be found at apply for free school meals.

Deadline for ordering

Schools must order the voucher at least one week before the summer school term ends, and it will be issued to the family within 7 days unless schools have specified a distribution date further in the future. For example, schools closing on 17 July must place orders for all vouchers by 10 July.

These dates are in place in recognition that schools operate to different term times and that school offices will be closed in the summer holidays.

If a school receives a claim for an eligible child after the final ordering date of at least one week before your school term ends but before the start of the school’s summer holidays, it will be possible for the school to place an exceptional order for that child via the Edenred system.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Government is temporarily extending eligibility to include some groups who have no recourse to public funds (NRPF). See guidance for the temporary extension of free school meals eligibility to NRPF groups for more information.

School Uniform Shops

With the announcement of further non-essential shops opening from today 15th June 2020. 

Parents might be planning to go to the school uniform shops. 

You might have a child who is moving to a new school or starting a new school, or like most children during this lockdown period they have outgrown their current uniform and you need to buy some additional top up items.

The local uniform shops in Derby are open and have got social distancing procedures in place. 

You can also visit the school uniform websites beforehand. Some uniform shops are offering a click and collect service. 

Remember you can also buy school uniform from most large supermarkets.

Please have a look at our Uniform section for further information. Click here

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