Admission to Primary School In Derby

Most children start school full-time the September after they turn 4.

If you do not think your child is ready to start school by then, they can start part-way through the year or part-time.As long as they are in full time education by the time compulsory school age – this is the start of the term after their fifth birthday.

Children born in Summer

For summer born children, you can request that their child attends part-time until they reach compulsory school age or that the date their child is admitted to school is deferred until after in the same academic year.

If you consider sending your summer born child to school in the September after their fifth birthday and request that they enter the reception class in September 2020 instead of the year 1 class, the admission authority is required to make the decision based on the individual circumstances of each case.

You will still need to make an application for delayed entry at the normal time and before the closing date of 15 January 2020, as well as submitting an application for a place in the current round. For further information contact Derby City Council.

How do I apply?

If you live in Derby, you can apply via Derby City Council -

Local Authorities have a deadline by which you have to apply for your place for the next academic year.

Application for Academic Year 2020-2021 is open from 6 November 2019, and the closing date for online applications was 15 January 2020.

If the closing date has passed, you can still apply however any application made after the deadline date will be classed as late and will be considered after all on-time applications have been processed. This can result in not getting your first choices if the school has reached their maximum numbers from catchment.

What is the criteria for school places?

Admissions to schools that are arranged by Derby City Council offers places in Reception to the Standard Admission Number (this number depends on each school and how many classes and pupils they can admit in the school) they then follow the criteria below:

1st priority - Children who are looked after – in care of or accommodated by – Derby City Council or another Local Authority.

2nd priority - Children living in the normal area of the school (priority to those with siblings at the school at the time of admission).

3rd priority - Children living outside the normal area of the school (priority to those with siblings at the school at the time of admission).

4th priority - Children who do not live in the catchment area served by the school but who have brothers or sisters of compulsory school age attending the school at the time of their admission.

5th priority - Other children whose parents have requested a place.

6th priority - Children whose parents did not request a place by 15 January 2020.

You may ask for a printed copy of the Admissions Policy from the schools you are interested in sending your child or alternatively check their websites this is an requirement for all schools.

If you apply for a place after 15 January 2020, you will receive a decision on National Offer Day, 16 April 2020.

The admission authority for the school will consider your application after all on-time applications. If there are still places available, the admission authority will look at your application, along with any other applications that were made late.

If you have applied to any academy, foundation or voluntary-aided school places, the governing body will decide whether your child can be offered a place. The application is sent to the school for consideration unless the academy, foundation or voluntary-aided school is using the Derby City Council to do admissions.

New to the City

If you move into the city and cannot show proof as above, the residency will be calculated using the furthest point to the city boundary from the school applied for.

Living outside of Derby City

If you live outside of Derby City you should apply through your local council even if you want to apply for a place at a Derby city school.

When picking a school what do I need to consider?

Picking a school for your child is one of the biggest decisions as a parent you are going to make.

This is going to be a new part of your lives and it has to be the right choice for you and your child. Parents/carers want the best for their child and their needs. There are a number of issues to consider when deciding on the best school:

What is my nearest Primary School?

Can we walk to school?

What are the class sizes?

Do I want a Faith School?

Is the school environment right for my child?

Does my child have additional needs - Special Education Needs?

What does the school offer in terms of before and after school care?

Is it a Primary or is it just a Nursery setting and then move reapply for Junior schools?

What links do they have with other organisations?

Which senior school does it feed into?

What are the school meals provision?

Most schools offer open days/mornings/afternoons for prospective parents to come in and have a look around and ask questions - meet the Head, Teachers and others.

Talk to other families who have been to school, read the OFSTED reports - but always remember this is just a snapshot of the school, have a look at school websites. Sometimes the best option is just to go and have a chat and take your child with you.

For further information and helpful advice look at the links below:


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