Admission to Secondary School in Derby

Applying for Secondary school place is a major factor in your child's school life. There are many different decisions to make from when picking a secondary school.

We would recommend researching your options. 

Look at school websites and check admission details. 

Go to open evenings with your child and visit the schools that you would like to consider.

Take in to account exam results and OFSTED reports but also ask if they can fit the needs of your child.

Primary expectations and secondary expectations are very different. 

If you have specific needs for example if your child has friendship worries and struggles to adapt to change you might want to find out about the Pastoral Care and what support is available and how can you get involved. 

If your child enjoys Sports activities and needs more focus on extra curriculum ask what is available and how it fits into the normal day. Ask if the school has clubs and lunchtime activities.

Parents have anxiety about the transition talk to other parents who may have had a child at the school. Talk to your primary school headteacher if there is specific requirements that you are worried about.

Most secondary schools have open evenings in the Autumn Term 1.

Your child will be given a letter from school within the first few weeks of the Autumn Term 1 which will give you details on how to apply and what your catchment area school is. If you are interested in applying for a school outside of your catchment area, we would definitely recommend going to the Open Evenings.

Follow the process correctly and fill in every box, pick more than one school and ensure you apply on time.

Most people apply online, you will get a confirmation via email once you have applied. If applying via a paper document please ensure you contact the local authority to check they have received your application. Ask for assistance from school if needed.

If your child attends a school that is linked to a Secondary for example Bemrose Primary School you still have to apply on a secondary place.

Key Dates to remember:

31 October - Deadline to apply for secondary school place

1st March - National Offer Day. Parents can log onto their account - Derby City Council website to see your child's offer. Letters will be posted.


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