Anxiety in Primary School

Children can express anxiety at anytime in their life. Each child deals with anxiety in different ways and each child might show symptoms very different to another.

Data is showing that there is a rise in childhood anxiety and that more children are being affected.

Children can find it hard to talk about their feelings and will not be able to tell you if they are feeling anxious because they do not know any better.

As a parent you might notice changes in your child's mood, behaviour, mannerisms, body language.

Sometimes small changes can effect a child in a very big way. For example : if a child has gone into school and his/her regular teacher is off on sick and they have got a new teacher. Your child might find this change very difficult because they tend to like routine and like to know if things are changing.

As a parent, we might just acknowledge that this is normal and people can be sick or off from work but in the child's mind this is not normal because they like stability and routine.

Other examples - if your child has moved schools or classes this can trigger off anxieties in children - new teacher, new environment, new friends, new routine it is alot to deal with.

Children need support and guidance and need to taught techniques to develop ways to understand there feelings and how best to manage their anxieties.

Talk to your school, if you have seen a change in your child's behaviour or are worried about their moods or if your child is unhappy going to school or any other worries.

Use the resources below to gain more information on what is available to support you as a parent who might have worries and concerns.


Family Full House Bingo Challenge

Erewash Voluntary Action CVS Ltd

Family Full House Bingo Challenge KS1

Connect Keep Learning Take Notice Be Active Give

Read a Book

Take turns storytelling.

Kung Fu Panda Punctuation

Learn punctuation in a fun way.

Kung Fu

Paint/ Draw

Paint/ draw a picture of your family and/ or friends.

Yoga Time

Cosmic Kids

Being Helpful

Tidy your room.


Make up a handshake with 5 different actions.

Build a Tower

Can you build a really tall towerusing different objects?

Hands and Feet

Draw around someone’s hands or feet.

Can you turn them into an animal or a character?


Build a den inside or outside.

Treasure Hunt

Take an empty egg box and collect special things from outside.

Who would you like to give it to and why?

Guessing Game

Blindfold each other and see if you can guess what the different foods are without looking?

Grass Cutting with Supervision

Cut the grass with scissors.

Make grass soup!


Look up at the night sky.

What can you see?


Complete 50 star jumps.


Record or write a message for someone you love.

Smilers Challenge

How long can you stare at each other without smiling?

Sweep Up Challenge

Can you learn how to

sweep up?

Cloud Busting

Look up at the sky. What shapes do the clouds look like? Where would you like to travel to on the cloud?


Can you share 5 different moves?

Dressing Up

Dress up.

Put on a show.

Make someone laugh.


Show an adult how to play a game you enjoy.

Make Music

Use pans and kitchen equipment to make different sounds.


Collect lots of natural objects, leaves, stones, flowers to make a picture.

Outdoor Painting

Paint paths, fences, stones with water. How quickly does it dry?


Have a lovely bath or shower. Give your body a good spring clean.

Erewash Voluntary Action CVS Ltd

Family Full House Bingo Challenge KS2

Connect Keep Learning Take Notice Be Active Give


Take 10 pictures of things that make you happy.

Share and compare.

Train your Brain

How many flags can you name?


Practice Ways to Feel Calm

Chill Skills

Circuit Challenge

Circuit Challenge

Be Kind

Make a card/ draw a picture or send a message to someone you care about.

Try Not to Blink Challenge

How long can you stare at each other without blinking?

Learn 5 New Facts

Learn 5 new facts about an octopus.

Draw a Picture


Hot and Cold

Ask a family member to hide 5 things and you have to find them.


Give yourself time to relax and do the things you enjoy.


Play hangman. Who is the winner?

Make Me Laugh

Learn 5 new jokes.

Share them with your family.

Practice Breathing

Breathing Exercises

Can you practice at night before you go to sleep?

60 Second Physical

Activity Challenges

Youth Sport Trust

Give Your Time

Help a family member with housework or a task.

A-Z Challenge

Together can you think of an emotion for each letter of the alphabet?

Deadly 60 Quiz

BBC Quiz

Listen to Music.

Reflect: How does that music make you feel?

Strength Challenge

Can you put your arms out to the side and keep doing small circles until a song ends?


Keep in touch with a friend. Look after each other. Stay connected.

My 5 Ways to Wellbeing Weekly Diary

Simply write or draw the activity you have completed on each day and draw an emoji that reflects how it made you feel.







Overall how did you feel today 0-5?

5 = Feeling really good

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