Behaviour management

Managing challenging behaviour can be very difficult for any parent. We all have different ways of dealing with difficult behaviour or challenging children.

Children express there feelings in very different ways and sometimes behaviour can be a trigger for something else that might be going on for example a health problem or friendship issues at school.

If you are experiences difficulty in your children behaviour and your discipline procedures are not working at home or if your childs school day is being disrupted by their behaviour or if socialising with family and friends is not a pleasant experience.

What help can we get?

Talk to your child on there terms without making judgements.

Ask for advice and guidance from your school. Your childs school will have a member of staff who can advise and guide you and offer you support to help you and your child.

Talk to your doctors and raise your concerns if it is effecting your childs mental health and to help you as a parent.

We all need help and guidance, parenting is a very difficult task and challenges are normal.

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