Breakfast Clubs

What are Breakfast Clubs?

Breakfast Clubs are clubs run by the school or external organisations to help provide that extra provision of before school services to parents who may require to leave their child at school before school starts. 

Most schools across Derby offer a club they can start from 7.30 in the morning and offer a healthy breakfast, opportunity for your child to do an activity or homework or reading. Each school offers a different package of wrap-around care. There is no legal obligations for schools to offer breakfast clubs.

Research shows that a good breakfast can help improve children’s reading, writing and maths performance. reports that breakfasts high in protein and fibre, and low in sugar, helps to boost children’s attention span, concentration and memory, essential for good performance at school.

What are the costs involved?

Some clubs are offered on a very reasonable price starting from ÂŁ1 a day to anything up to ÂŁ4-5 a day. Children who are eligible for Free School Meals can access Breakfast Club provision for free - please talk to your school regarding this.

Benefits of attending a Breakfast Club?

Mornings can be very stressful for most families. Breakfast Club just eliminates some of that stress you can arrive to school a bit earlier and enjoy a breakfast with your friends, peers or others from the school who you would not normally talk to. You will then have an opportunity to do some sports, play games, colouring or finish off homework and reading.

Key research shows that it improves attendance and behaviour. Having a good start with a healthy breakfast helps children develop a good routine where they are able to make good choices because they are in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

Useful information if you are considering to send your child to a Breakfast Club: 

  • Inform your school if your child has an Health issue or Allergy.
  • Follow the schools terms and conditions regarding payments and informing the school if your child is not attending or poorly.
  • Ask the school regarding Pupil Premium support if you are eligible - some schools offer additional support.
  • You can use Tax Credits to pay for childcare.

Some examples of Breakfast Clubs ran in Derby schools:

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