Dental Care

Dental Hygiene is essential from an early age. Children need regular routines to brushing there teeth and understanding the importance of keeping their teeth clean and healthy.


You should register with a dental practice as soon as you can, so that you can build a relationship with them and their team and your child will understands that it is part of a regular routine to get teeth checked. 


Children from the age of 2 can start having regular free checks. If you have concerns early then you can register and get them seen to.


Remember that dental checkups for children are free up until the age of 18. 


Children's teeth change so dramatically in such a short space of time, from receiving their baby teeth, to losing their baby teeth and getting adult teeth. 


A regular 6 month check-up can help to keep an eye on everything and any concerns you have as a parent.  


Simple tips: 

Buy or let your child pick a toothbrush they like, 

brush twice a day, 

use a timer - alot of toothbrushes have timers on them, 

do not rinse with water after brushing, 

keep snacks to specific times, 

encourage your child to have healthy snacks and keep the sweets/biscuits/fizzy drinks as a treat. 




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