English as an Additional Language (EAL)

In schools English as an Additional Language is referred to as EAL.

If you class your first language as not being English then you will register under EAL.

The school will take steps to assess your child's proficiency and literacy on arrival and have clear actions to help your child integrate into school life.

The school will provide specialist EAL support from qualified teacher or teaching assistants.

The school's development plan should have clear strategic actions on how to support EAL children and their families.

What questions should I ask school about EAL?

  • How does the school recognise and develop the skills and knowledge that speakers of other languages have?
  • How is my child going to integrated into school?
  • What support do you offer?
  • Does the school employ specialist EAL Teachers?
  • How does my child access curriculum - extra resources, differentiated teaching?
  • How do you assess my child's progression?
  • Does my child have a buddy?

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