Keeping your child active is an essential part of helping your child grow and be healthy. 

Some children love sports and being outdoors whilst others can struggle to be as active.  Small steps to develop good routines encourages children. 

For example walking to school, or cycling, or scootering. Going to the park on the way home or having a run round the school playground after school.  

Being active together will encourage your child, involve siblings or friends.

How can I encourage my child to be active?

Getting your child to be active and exercise everyday can be made easy. 

Make it fun!! 

Children enjoy being active and being involved in sports and being active. Have a chart, make it a challenge, get involved with a local team or multi-sport activity. All children are different and you know your child best, some children love to get up early and get lots of activities done whilst others like to do things in the afternoon or late evening. Encourage your child to try something new.

Technology has made being active so accessible - we can do things from our living rooms using our phones, laptops and games consoles to encourage us to be more active.

Doing an activity a day can keep the whole family healthy.

Ask your school about extra curricular activities - most school provide a wide range of activities during school hours and after school.


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