Head Lice

Head lice are a very common problem among children at primary school.

Head lice are attracted to clean hair and are picked up with head to head contact.

Signs to look out for:

is your child itching their head

complaining of something in their hair


Treat head lice as soon as you can. Use a fine tooth comb to check your child's hair. Wash and conditioning your child's hair and leave the conditioner in. Towel dry and then comb through with the special comb and use a piece of tissue paper to check your comb as you are combing through the hair.

Check for eggs and lice.

If you find eggs or lice ask your pharmacist or go to the supermarket and get some shampoo. Some treatments you can leave in overnight and others are ten minute treatments.

Regularly check your child's hair so that you ensure that all the lice and eggs are killed.

Check other family members.

Should I keep my child off school if they have head lice ?

No, your child has probably had head lice for a few days.  The best thing is to start treating your child as soon as possible. It is entirely up to you to inform your class teacher, sometimes this helps other parents to check their child and helps them to look out for the signs for head lice. 


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