Illness and procedures

Children pick up lots of bugs and viruses when starting school and being in school. As a parent you will take the best judgement in either keeping the child at home and taking the right procedures to ensure that the child recovers as quick as possible.

If your child has had a stomach upset or sickness, it is important that you allow a period of at least 48 hours after the sickness or diarrhoea has finished, before sending them back to school. This helps to prevent the infection spreading unnecessarily to others in the school.

In all cases of your child being unwell and unable to come to school, you need to contact the school and leave a message before 9.00am each and every day your child is absent.

This is to ensure that your child is safe and that the school has had contact with you.

Schools have a duty of care to ensure that every child is accounted for even when they are poorly.

The phone lines are sometimes are bit busy in the morning, keep trying even if it is nearer to 9.30 as long as you as a parent/carer have left a message the school can ensure they have accounted for the absence.


Please leave the following information in your message:

Your child’s name

His/her class

Reason for absence

Your relationship to the child


Further information on reporting illness and procedures:

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