Each school should provide you and your child a clear induction process. The aim of the child's transition to primary setting should be a enjoyable, calm, happy experience for you and your child.

The school will have a set an induction process for each child who is going to start school with them. This will be done via a letter/phone call/meeting. Once you have received your confirmation of your child's place, the school will start the process of contacting you to gain information about your child.

If your child is in a nursery setting or private nursery they will contact them and arrange a meeting with the key worker/teacher and your child to get to know your child.

If your child is not in any childcare provision they will do home visits.


What information do I get at Induction:

School uniform - the details of what is required and where to buy

PE uniform - details of what is required and where to buy

Footwear - what school shoes and PE shoes are required.

School Times - what time does school start, lunch times, breaks, end of day time.

Drop off and Pick up procedures - where and how to pick up your child.

School Parking - if you need access to school parking if accessibility is an issue. 

Break Time - does my child get a snack or drink?

Term Dates and calendar events - school holidays/INSET days/assembly dates/workshops.

Money - how do I pay for school activities or lunch.

Medical Information - does your child need medical assistance or have any allergies and does the school know

Attendance, Absences and Holidays - how do I report if my child is not well. Holidays have to be in the school holidays but if something is required urgently what is the process.

Staffing - who is teaching my child and who will be in the class.

Parent Teacher Association - how do I get involved with my school.

What does my child do during the day?

Curriculum - what subjects does my child learn - Writing, Mathematics, Reading, Stories, Topic work

Homework - homework expectations.

Behaviour - school rules, reward strategies that the school uses.

Communication - how does the school communicate with the parent - reports/parents evenings/emails/website/text messages/open forums.

Child Protection - how will my child be protected whilst at school, when do school gates shut and how do you have access to the school if needed.  


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