Morning routines

What should my child's morning routine consist of? 

Everyone knows mornings can be a bit chaotic but if we all do a few tweaks to our routines we can encourage a calm morning.

A key aspect is to keep the mornings consistent and controlled through time management.

What can I do the night before to make it easier? 


School bags, homework, reading books, letters and payments for trips/dinner money/activities. 

Packed lunch, snacks and water bottles

Uniform and PE kits

Waking Up 

Every child is different and therefore we encourage you to find a happy medium where you and your child are both happy, ensuring enough time for all morning activities and being on time for school. 

Set alarms; these can help children wake up slowly (if this is what they prefer) or simply wake them up at a set time everyday.  

Helpful Tips

Get yourself ready first, make sure your morning is stress free by doing your jobs beforehand.   You know your child best this may make your morning more efficient and stress free. We encourage you to figure out what works best for you in the mornings whilst understanding suitable boundaries in the mornings before school, i.e. get ready and eat breakfast then you can watch morning tv or read your book.  


Make sure your child knows the importance of keeping clean. Give your child clear tasks for them to do so that they know it is the same thing everyday. Brushing their teeth, washing their face and hands and combing their hair. Changing their clothes.  

Breakfast Time

Breakfast time is an excellent time for you and your child to start the day in a positive way.  Breakfast can be a difficult routine if your child prefers to eat later or struggles to wake up on time.  Encourage your child to take ownership and involve them in getting breakfast ready the night before and asking them what they would prefer.  It can fruit, yogurt, toast, cereals keep it easy to make and give your child a choice if you can so they feel they are in control.  

Getting to School

Getting to school can sometimes be the most stressful part of the day.  Make sure that you have enough time to get to school on time, whether this be by walking, cycling, driving, or public transport.  Time how long it takes you to ensure you have enough time everyday in the morning.  If your child walks to school on their own in Year 5 and 6 encourage them to go early and keep to a set time.  

Being on time for school is extremely important, this develops good time management skills for your child and makes it less stressful.  A child who comes into school calm and ready has a more productive day.    

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