Parent Evenings / Consultations

Schools have a compulsory right to offer all parents a chance to come into school to talk about their child's development and learning. 

Parent evenings or consultations are usually scheduled in Autumn Term and Spring and then a written report in Summer. 

The Autumn term parents evening sets the scene for the year. The teacher would have been able to understand your child's development needs, whilst the Spring Term appointment will be very specific and sets learning and development targets and achievements.

Parents can find these events overwhelming and sometimes do not know what to expect.

Parent evenings are a two way thing between home and school life. 

These meetings should not be one way discussion you should have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice and guidance on how to support your child.

Prepare for the meeting by talking to your child. 

Understand how your child feels at school and what are they enjoying and what are they finding challenging.

Write notes before the meeting and during the meeting so that you can refer back to them.

Teachers will report back on the following areas: Reading, Literacy, Mathematics and how your child is settling in well.

Go in ten minutes prior to your meeting to look at your child's work and understand a bit more about their learning journey, if you are running late, look at you child's work after the meeting.

Have a list of questions ready: Is my child's learning on track? Is there anything I can do at home? Does my child have good friendships? What has my child achieved? Where does my child need to improve? What learning techniques does my child like? What are we working towards?

Teachers and schools are all essentially there to support your child and see them develop and embrace a love for learning. 

Parent meetings should be positive and encouraging. 

If there is an issue that you would like to discuss which is of concern or you feel needs more attention ask the teacher to book a separate meeting.

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