As a parent, you play an important role in helping your child learn to read.

Research shows that children who are helped at home make better progress in school.

Reading with your child can be fun and very rewarding. It also shows that you value his/her efforts. If children enjoy reading, it will benefit their whole education.

Why should my child read at home?

Reading allows children to be independent and to communicate in a different way, it allows their brains to work in a different way and be more imaginative.

Reading stimulates a child's brain and development. It encourages intellect and also it is fun, as they start to read, they become more interested, they can expand their vocabulary.

Do I need to listen to them everyday?

Schools encourage that you hear your child read everyday however this does not have to be for long, 5-10 minutes will be enough as they can read independently also.

How do I know what my child should be reading?

Each child reads at their own pace. The aim is to make your child enjoy reading and get a love for reading. Reading is not a challenge or a contest. Reading can be done in many ways to encourage your child to be more creative.

They can be reading you a shopping list or reading the news from your phone, laptop.

Turn the subtitles on the TV and ask them to read them.

Read magazines, newspapers.

Ask them to read the school letters.

Ask them to read the signs on the way home or as you are doing the shopping read the labels.

Reading to your child

Reading to your child is a fantastic way to enjoy some quality time together.

Set aside 15 minutes for you and child to look at a book together, discuss the pictures encourage conversation and if they can read, let them lead.

Develop a love for reading by looking at a range of books.

Make it a fun activity, use props things around the house to talk through a story.

Make a den or an area which encourages your child to go to with a book.


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