Sun Safety

What does Sun Safety mean in schools?

Sun Safety in schools is taken very seriously.  Children spend alot of time outside learning and playing.  During school time they are at risk of getting burnt or getting sun stroke or long term sun damage. 

All schools should have a Sun Safety Policy? 

This means that children, parents, schools all have clear roles in terms of protecting the children during the times when the sun is at its most strongest. 

What should I do as a parent to protect my child? 

Send your child in with a sun hat, with sunglasses and sun cream applied. Some schools provide sun cream at school and others expect children to come in with it on.  Check with your school.  Most schools will encourage your child to wear their sun hat/sunglasses during the times when it is sunny.  

Please follow the links below to get more information on how to protect your child whilst at school.   



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