Top tips for starting primary school

Starting reception will be a big milestone for you and your child, preparing yourself and your child so that you make it a positive experience and good start is essential to your child's development.

As a parent the best thing to do is to talk to your child, go and visit the school they will be going to, introduce your child to the teachers, start to get things ready for school i.e. PE kit, school bag. 

Talk about school in a positive way so that your child develops a clear understanding that it is a good experience. Talk about how they will meet you friends and do lots of play.  

Simple steps that you can help with at home:

Start to teach your child to dress and undress independently, so that getting ready for PE is not an issue.

Encourage your child to put on their coat by themselves and do their zip or buttons.

Teach your child to put on their shoes buy velcro fasteners.

Use a knife and fork and teach them to cut their food. Encouraging them to eat at the table and to develop good eating habits.  

Go to the toilet themselves and wash their hands.

Encourage your child to put on their clothes by themselves and take them off and to get ready by themselves - this will help when it is PE.  It is amazing how long children take to get ready for PE.  

Show them their name in writing and start to practice the alphabet.

Recognise numbers to 20 or be able to count to 20.

Each child is different and each child learns skills at different paces, use lots of praise.

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