Travelling to school

School travel may involve a bus ride to get to school. Most schools will be able to assist you in terms of advising you which bus to get and when. You can also contact Arriva bus company for help and advice.

School travel via a bus tends to happen when children move to secondary school. Most secondary schools will have information of the bus routes and bus services on their websites and in their induction booklets.

We strongly advise you that you practice going on the bus with your child if this is going to be something they will be doing everyday.

Also experiencing a bus journey on their own and knowing how to behave and keep themselves safe, what to do if they miss the bus or the bus does not arrive.

We found these helpful hints from the Derbyshire City Council - School bus guidance for parents: it includes the journey to and from the bus stop. Waiting for the bus, On the bus, Behaviour on school transport, Dealing with misbehaviour, Damage or vandalism to the bus, Reporting problems with the school bus. This can be applied to any child and any school route.

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