Uniform /PE kit

A school uniform is worn by children attending school.

School uniforms give children a sense of belonging. It brings them together as a family and they should be proud to wear it.

It also helps with the aspect of we are all the same. Children like routine and school uniform gives them this, they know what they are wearing each day and it helps to make things easier for parents in the mornings because there is no opportunity for negotiation.

All schools will have a Uniform and PE list on their website or in their school prospectus. Some schools sell uniform at their schools others advise parents where to get it from and what is required.

If you are struggling to get your child's uniform some schools offer assistance or have suggestions on how they can help you.

Hints and Tips:

Get the school and PE uniform list from school

Only buy what you have to from the school uniform shop.

Shop around the supermarkets have a great range : Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Poundland, Matalan.

Look for special offers - Sainsburys 20% off, M&S 3 for 2 offers

Buy in advance - August is a very busy month try and buy things over a few months to help with the costs and to ensure that you get the uniform you like.

Check the fabric - look for climate control if available so that it keeps your child warm in the winter months and cool in the summer.

Buy what your child will wear - some children do not like to wear jumpers, some girls do not wear trousers - only buy what you will use.

Look for scuff resistant shoes and reinforced knees on trousers to make things more durable.

Buy dark socks if you are able to - children get socks dirty very quick and they can start to look dirty quickly.

Buy clothes that have room for growth - so that it lasts the year.

Label everything, things get misplaced or lost or mixed up - if there is a label in it or just simply write your child's name and class on the label it will find its way back to you.

Uniforms should be comfortable and easy for your child to put on by themselves. Take your child with you when purchasing your school uniform.

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