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We have been very busy over a number of months working on School Toolkit to help parents engage with school life and home life.

Parents and carers can find school life quite challenging at the best of time so we have devised this website and app to give you more information, guidance and support to engage with your child and your school.

With the current uncertainty, we want you to feel there is support at home for you. We do not want to teach or preach just guide and inform. Each family and child works in very different ways. We want you to feel more confident and help to support your child. We will be putting up regular updates, helpful ideas and resources.

Schools will be providing you with a list and activities to help you started.

We will help to support to break things down in to more bite-size activities rather than specific.

Please let others know, the app can be downloaded for free and you do not have to be in Derby or Derbyshire this can be used for any parent/carer.

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3 months ago
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